This Restaurant Serves The Best Pie In Ohio

Homemade Chocolate Boston Cream Pie

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Tis the season for consuming a lot of pie with no regret. Just because it is Thanksgiving does not mean that you have to be partial to pumpkin. Though key-lime, apple, cherry, and coconut-creme pie may not be your favorite during this time of year, many restaurants serve these dishes year-round. One restaurant in particular is known for serving the best pie in the entire state, and residents are taking notice.

According to a list compiled by Tasting Table, the best pie in all of Ohio can be found at Mama Jo Homestyle Pies in Amherst. Tasting Table recommended trying the lemon meringue pie.

Here is what Tasting Table had to say about the restaurant that serves the best pie in the entire state:

"While some bakeries allow their pies to sit around for a few days, Mama Jo Homestyle Pies in Amherst bakes and sells its treats on the same day. This bakery offers 36 different flavors of pies and has perfected its recipes over three generations. While you really can't go wrong with any of the menu items, we highly recommend ordering the old-fashioned lemon meringue pie. With a beautifully toasted meringue over a lemon base, this classic, beautiful dessert is one of this bakery's top sellers."

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