The Story Behind How Ohio’s NFL Teams Got Their Names

Official NFL Football

Photo: Getty Images

Dutiful fans cheer on their favorite teams every week, but not everyone knows the story behind what they're chanting at the top of their lungs. Luckily, Stacker recently dived into the story behind every NFL football team's name to give fans a little bit of insight.

There are 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL), and each one has a unique story as to how they got their name. Some were chosen by fans, while others have ties to former professional sports teams and beloved athletes.

Here's the story behind the Cleveland Browns, founded in 1950:

"Before the birth of the Browns, a contest was held to name the new team. A favored suggestion was the Browns, after Paul Brown, who was already revered in the state of Ohio. It took some convincing, but Brown finally relented and allowed the franchise to use the Browns name."

Here's the story behind the Cincinnati Bengals, founded in 1968:

"At first, the new AFL team in Cincinnati considered calling themselves the "Buckeyes," but the name's strong ties to Ohio State University canceled that idea. Paul Brown, an investor in the team, thought Bengals was a fitting nod to former football teams from the Cincinnati area."

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