Quinta Brunson Reclaims Emmys Moment & Receives Apology On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

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Quinta Brunson reclaimed her moment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" after many believed the late-night host drew attention away from her historic Emmys win.

On Wednesday (September 14), Brunson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show and crashed his opening monologue as a playful way to get back at the host for dragging out his comedic bit during her acceptance speech at the 2022 Emmys.

Before Kimmel could finish his monologue, the "Abbott Elementary" creator took the stage and interrupted the late-night host.

"You know, you're a little bit early for your interview. It's after the commercial," Kimmel said.

"I know, but I have a little favor to ask, actually," replied Brunson with Emmy award in hand. "So you know how you win an Emmy, you only have 45 seconds to do an acceptance speech, which is not that much time? And then you get less time because someone does a dumb comedy bit that goes on a bit too long?"

The award-winning show creator then used the rest of the time slotted for Kimmel's monologue to finish her acceptance speech, thanking "Abbott Elementary" writers and fans.

Later in the show, the pair further addressed the moment where Brunson had to step over Kimmel as he played dead on the Emmys stage Monday (September 12).

"I do want to explain this for those who may be confused by this," Kimmel said. "That was a dumb comedy bit that we thought would be funny."

"I lost, and then I drank too much, and I had to be dragged out on the stage. And then people got upset. They said that I stole your moment, and maybe I did. I'm very sorry if I did do that — I'm sorry I did do that, actually," he continued. "And also, the last thing I would ever want to do is upset you because I think so much of you, and I think you know that. I hope you know that."

Brunson thanked Kimmel for his "very kind" apology.

"I was honestly in such a moment of having a good time like I won my first Emmy! I was up there happy, and I was wrapped up in the moment," she said.

Though Brunson immediately expressed Monday that the bit "didn't bother" her that much, many viewers and even fellow Abbott Elementry co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph weren't amused by Kimmel's actions.

"Ooh, the disrespect!" Ralph said of the moment Wednesday. "I told him, too, to his face, and he understood."

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